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Coming in Fall 2021

An Unconditional Love Letter...

No matter what our children do or say, our love for them never, ever changes. 

But, do they know that?

Mother and Baby
Mother and Baby on Floor

You know you’ve told your kids how much you love them over and over… and you’ve cared for them, fed them, and guided them.


But, then one day they mess up -BIG TIME -  and for some reason, they aren’t sure you’ll still love them. 



I Love you to the Moon and Back by Kari Carr is a way to express your unconditional love in a book that children will adore.
Show them you love them "to the moon and back and farther than the stars".
Mother and Daughter

You want your children to feel secure in your love, always. In order to do that, you need a way to express your unconditional love in a way that sticks. 


As kids grow up, they may start to wonder WHY you love them, and if that love will remain no matter what. 


We can never tell our kids we love them enough, but they don’t always ‘hear’ it.


After a defining moment as a parent, Kari sat down and wrote this book as a tribute to children everywhere, and to the people who love them unconditionally. 


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Mother and Daughter Love