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dear moon badge.jpeg

About the Author

Kari Carr writes picture books that she hopes will inspire families and spark the imagination of children.


Some of them rhyme, some of them don't, but all of them are written from the heart.


In 2020, she applied to go up in the first civilian space flight around the moon with SpaceX's Dear Moon Project. She didn't make it to Round 3, but that didn't stop her fascination with the moon. The above picture is her crew application photo, and below is a badge made by fellow crew applicant Alan Bell from the UK.


Under the pen name K.B. Carr, she also writes the Weird & Wacky Planet non-fiction nature books for kids 8 to 12, and hosts the Nature Just Got Real podcast for kids.


She lives in West Michigan in a household that expands or shrinks depending on the assorted animals she tends to find that need to be rescued.

And then re-homed. Or not. 

Mostly not.

About the Illustrator

Nope, not telling you yet. Not till the book is finished. Can't have other authors stealing her away!

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