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What's the big deal with the Moon?

Moon Phase

Throughout the history of the Earth, the Moon has been a major influence on the evolution of land, ocean, and life. For billions of years, the Moon has been stirring the oceans in its never-ending orbit. Scientists believe life itself may not have been possible without the Moon's tidal mixing of the oceans that created the complex chemical compounds that were necessary for life to begin.
It makes sense that our lives today are influenced by the Moon Phase, position, and proximity to Earth. Whether it’s some deep chemical reaction or more of a spiritual connection, it’s easy to see the influence. But does the Moon influence us as individuals? 
Doctors and Nurses dread the Full Moon each month when the emergency rooms are filled with people giving birth. Ask a police officer and they will tell you there is heightened energy in the air on a Full Moon and New Moon. It’s on these days that the craziest things happen in the world!

What phase was the Moon in when you or a loved one was born? Find out by entering a valid email below.  Do you feel that yours is accurate? Way off? Partially right? Either way, it's fascinating stuff!

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